Youth Member Uniform

Beaver uniform consists of Beaver sweatshirt and activity trousers.  The Beaver polo shirt is optional.

Cub uniform consists of cub sweatshirt, activity trousers and black shoes.  The cub polo shirt is optional.

Scout uniform consists of scout shirt, scout woggle, scout activity trousers and black shoes.

All sections wear the 4th Frodsham (Overton) necker which is tangerine coloured not orange.  This can be bought/ordered from the District Scout Shop

The Group will provide the Group name tape, District & County badge and on investiture of the youth member the World badge.

District Scout Shop

The Mersey Weaver District shop is run entirely by volunteers from our District and the proceeds go back into supporting Scouting in our District and Group.  This is where we would reccommend you buy all uniform and offical Scout Association merchandise.

Official uniforms for all sections of the Scout Movement at discount prices.  Orders can either be placed online or by contacting the shop direct on:

Tel: 01928 352121